Philip Riley Self Characterization

Chapter 2

Art is the transformation of feeling in my life, as well as the continuity in behavior beyond survival.  Here, reality and dreams coexist, unresponsive to self-imposed limitations.  I’ve offered excuses and made footnotes to the lazy arrogance of success, indicting myself with impatience and letting the anger carry me.  I do not have my permission to be egocentric.  I need awareness and compassion.  My message is my empathy and my perception shared, believing that what I see and recreate, will transcend my time.  Life is sweet and fragile and temporary.  If I should be successful, the captured moment, the truth and beauty, will then live on.

Chapter 11

I’ve never lost the excitement in what I do and what I was meant to share. I am not a product. I have an identity, which is part of my evolution, coming to terms with passion and connectedness to make a statement. My references, my work and my life are one. I give you the most complete technical effort I can. If I have talent, the source is an extension of my discipline, integrity and, I hope, compassion. I give you the truth. I give you everything I have.