MARCO BARLA is a California native, born and raised in San Francisco. He attended UCLA and received a Bachelor’s Degree in American History and a Masters Degree from Loyola University. Following an Honorable Discharge from military service, he worked in construction and wrote freelance articles, music reviews and feature editorials. Motion picture publicity and marketing followed, including a twenty-year association with Warner Bros. films and Malpaso Productions. “Abstract Phil’ was his first novel and “Shadow” is his second.

Shadow is motorcycle racer Walker Ellison.  His name is a reference to the only thing he could not catch or pass on track, now in reflection, on the road to self discovery.  Riding at speed from Monterey to Los Angeles, back to his beginnings, his passage is mapped by lessons shared in competition.  The memories flood in, reaching from mentor and crew chief Mac Kelsey, who saved his life, to the women who brought meaning.  Traveling south on Highway 1, for love and friendship, Walker Ellison finds identity, racing to the setting sun.


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